Observations from a wedding photographer…

All brides are beautiful on their wedding day.
The bride is still someone’s little girl.
The bride should have as much time as she likes to get ready.
Every wedding runs on the bride’s clock.
No wedding starts on time, and that’s ok.
It is an honor to be involved in such an important event in someone’s life.
Guests will show up after the ceremony starts.
Each and every wedding is unique.
Dad’s cry as much as Mom’s.
Digital photography has improved my images.
Photography software has improved my images greatly.
Modern cell phones are not good for weddings.
Do not tweet, photo, or post what you experiencing as a wedding guest, be in the moment.
Put your phone away.
Best-Man toasts were not intended to embarrass the groom, that is the purpose of the bachelor party.
Speak from the heart while giving a speech at a wedding reception and you will never go wrong.
Dance lessons are money well spent.
Bon Jovi’s “Living on a prayer” will always be a crowd favorite.
If you want the best possible ceremony photographs, have your ceremony outdoors.
No matter what stressful event happens, if you stay calm everything will eventually work out.
The longer the first dance the better, enjoy the moment.
Your wedding day will be one of the fastest days of your life, make sure to look around and take it all in.
Delegate tasks to your bridal party.
Communicate with your photographer.
Engagement sessions are always a good idea.
If you bought new shoes, break them in ahead of time.
If your budget allows, hire a wedding coordinator.
Bring flats to the reception for the bride and bridesmaids.
Groom’s do not wear your suit jacket while riding in the car to the ceremony.
If something does go wrong, remember everyone at the wedding is rooting for you and will help in any way.
Personalize your wedding, make it your own.
Don’t forget to eat and drink.
The stems of your bouquet will be wet, be careful.
Brides get into your dress earlier than you think.
Receiving lines take a lot of time from your day.
You do not have to follow traditions.
A shot list for your family photos is essential. You do not want Uncle Joe to get lost in the shuffle.
Assigning a “People Wrangler” during the family photo session helps tremendously. I cannot know the names of all your aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Someone with a loud voice and loud personality can be invaluable.
Always feed your photographer before your guests. Nobody likes to be photographed with a mouth full of food, so that would be the best time for us to take a “break”. If we are feed last we then have to rush to catch up with the guests.
Cute flower girls and ring bearer’s don’t steal the show, they add to it.
I was the one invited to this wedding to take pictures, not the guests. Be respectful of the photographer.
My favorite part of every wedding is when the couple read their vows because it reminds me how much I love my wife.