The Spring-Themed Pictorials You Should Discuss with Your Wedding Photographer

Warm temperatures, flowers all in bloom, and countless opportunities for outdoor ceremonies make spring a popular season for weddings. For the same reasons, it should be a fantastic time for wedding photography, too.

Here are several ideas for spring pictorials you might want to discuss with your wedding photographer as you prepare for your big day.

A Well of Ideas Spring for a Wedding Photographer in Northern Virginia

New life in bloom

A Well of Ideas Spring for a Wedding Photographer in Northern VirginiaLiterally and figuratively, spring offers the perfect backdrop for marriage. The season symbolizes new life; when could be it be more appropriate to start your own life together as a married couple?

New beginnings in spring show themselves most clearly in how all varieties of flowers and trees bloom again after winter. It is against their backdrop that you can plan a creative photo shoot.

Would you prefer finding the most beautiful gardens in Northern Virginia and having your pictures taken among overflowing flower beds? The contrast between the bridal dress and waves of color can make for stunning photographs. Or would you rather a more open landscape, dramatically highlighted by one flowering tree? The two of you, and that one tree, could lead to an unforgettable composition.

You could also have flower-filled photos in a simpler way: by filling your venue with your favorite kinds. Not only can you pose for the memories, framed by floral arches at your pre-nuptial shoot – you can also look back at all your albums and see your guests surrounded by the bounties of spring.

Roses are red, violets are blue…

… and picture-perfect pastels may make the pictorial for you. You don’t have to go far into nature to capture the spirit of spring. For your pre-nuptial shoot, you can simply follow a color scheme inspired by the soft shades of the season, and you’ll never forget that time of year you said “I do.” You can also make the most out of floral décor, or other nature-inspired arrangements such as flower crowns.

Outdoor play

Perhaps the two of you share a hobby that’s bound to the outdoors, like cycling or boating. Perhaps the two of you even met and fell in love while out on a Northern Virginia trail or park.spring-loudoun-wedding-photograher-rob-holley

Brainstorm with your wedding photographer on how you can incorporate these special places into your shoot. Could you both be on bicycles, or on a boat? Which of these props would be fun – or would you rather have your photographer capture you on them in candid moments? Can you go back to that meaningful hiking trail (a more likely option in the spring)?

The possibilities for a spring photoshoot, of course, don’t end here. That’s even more of a reason to choose and consult with your professional photographer, sooner rather than later.


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