I was not sure the end of Winter would ever arrive this year.  Although hardly a trace of snow fell, the temps lingered in the low 40’s through much of early Spring.  However, we were blessed with a small miracle on Kristine and Jim’s wedding day as it warmed up into the mid 70’s.  

Stone Tower Winery might be the best location for a wedding in Loudoun County.  They offer the original tasting room/ barn, and a new modern facility.  We were located in the old barn which exudes charm.  The warm temps allowed Stone Tower to open all of the barn doors as a delightful breeze blew through all evening.  

After a charming ceremony upstairs in the barn we relocated to the old wine cellar for some family portraits and beautiful photographs of Kristine and Jim.  We caught a spectacular sunset at the end just before they were introduced for their grand entrance.  They had been rehearsing a first dance number for weeks and it worked perfectly.  They had multiple music changes as well as props.  I am not sure who had more fun, the crowd or Kristine, and Jim.

The reception feature a gelato stand, which was a big hit, and of course the wine flowed all night.  The evening ended with the happy couple walking through a tunnel of sparklers to a waiting car.

It was a great night to be a Stone Tower Wedding Photographer.