Middleburg Virginia Wedding Photographer – Courtney Wedding

I shot the wedding of Kim and Sam at The Goodstone Inn and Restaurant in Middleburg, VA.  At one time a working farm, The Goodstone is now a “bed and breakfast set on 265 acres of rolling hills and countryside in the heart of Virginia’s wine and horse country.”  In my opinion it is one of the most picturesque venues that I have photographed in Virginia.  Kim and Sam each had their own “cottage” on the property to get ready.  A wonderful setting to relax and prepare for the day.  The ceremony setting was simply spectacular.  I can only assume it was a wall of a long-gone barn which had vines growing all over it.  It was certainly not like anything I have ever seen.  (Another first was a lama “photo-bombing” a shot of the groom with his buddies).  Sam was dressed in an authentic kilt in a tribute to his Scottish heritage.  Kim looked beautiful and a smile never left her face the entire day.  As Kim came down the isle stop start the ceremony Sam was overwhelmed with emotion.  After the ceremony we explored the grounds and created some great photographs.  The highlight of the reception had to be the speech that Sam’s father gave.  As the best man he touched on a long forgotten letter Sam had written trying to get on a tv show which was filming in the area.  He showcased his son’s personality perfectly and added a few gracious remarks welcoming Kim to the family. The rain held off until the end of the evening when we were able to capture a loving shot under an umbrella.  A wonderful wedding at an amazing location.

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