The Photography of Robert Holley

For Robert Holley, a wedding is much more than the latest special event. Each is a unique expression of love and a rare gathering together of families and friends. Times that connect with the past, celebrate the joy of the moment, and offer a glimpse into futures bright with promise and full of love.

But this is about your wedding: Capturing its essence and telling its story.

To do it takes more than a camera and a creative eye; also required is a conviction that each photograph is its own opportunity to preserve what’s truly special about an event that will be treasured for generations.

Your wedding has a story begging to be told as only photographs can. Rob’s broad professional perspective and success, measured best by satisfied clients, attest to his ability to tell your story.

The secret is to showcase the moments, the magic and charm setting it apart from all others.

From candid shots to the most formally devised, each one must be approached with an open mind and on its own merits. Diverse experience has been both a great teacher and a source of ongoing inspiration. From exotic European mountaintops to Lake Tahoe, from shots of Olympic champions to children for the Mattel Toy Company … to the little ones at your wedding, his artistry and passion can be seen and admired in every photograph.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Robert Holley spent eighteen years in California honing his craft, but success alone was not enough to keep him there. There were powerful forces tugging and beckoning, hinting at his next chapter.

The love of his life waited in Virginia, and the lure of home and family proved irresistible. He brought with him fresh ideas and an expanded creative vision, byproducts of the West’s natural beauty and diverse cultures.

He was home and happy, doing what he loves best and was meant to do.

Eager to enhance your special day by telling your wedding story like no one else can.

Rob invites you to call or email today to discuss your plans and bring them to life.

–A little more
Rob Holley trained at the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, and taught photography at CDIA in Washington, D.C.  He was named Virginia Photographer of the Year in 2009, as well as the best photographer in Loudoun County in 2018, and is an active member of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.  His work has been published in books and national wedding magazines, and he is featured monthly in dozens of wedding blogs. He currently resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and two children.

Rob Holley serves many areas in Virginia, particularly Sterling, Leesburg, Great Falls, Ashburn, McLean, and Purcellville. If you are interested in his talent, don’t hesitate to get in touch with him by visiting the Contact page.