Why It’s a Good Idea to Hire Wedding Photographers for a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Every couple wants their wedding photos to turn out great, and aside from hiring experienced wedding photographers, the best way to achieve that is through preparation. On top of your wedding planning routine, you should also add a pre-wedding shoot to the schedule. Now, you might think that such an exercise will only eat up what little time you have leading up to the big day, but taking a few pre-wedding pictures helps in a lot of ways. Here are some reasons why it’s ideal to let your wedding photographer snap a few shots before the nuptials.

Make a Connection with Your Photographer

Chemistry between you and your intended is of course just one element that would make your photos look amazing, but that’s not the only connection that matters in a shoot. Building a rapport with your photographer of choice makes a difference, too. Take this opportunity to get to know the person behind the camera, and let them become familiar with you, too. Need to overcome a case of camera shyness? Don’t know your most flattering angles? Buddying up with your photographer takes care of that and other related issues.

Wedding Photographers Recommend Having a Photoshoot Before Nuptials

Nail Those Shots (Even the Most Creative Ones!)

Wedding photography is quite the investment, so it’s best to get the most out of that service. What better way to do that than by planning out all the most important shots and seeing if they can be executed perfectly? See if the motif you picked blends well with the colors of a certain location or if there’s enough light during a particular time of day. You can also practice some of your trickier poses for candid photos such as jumping or being lifted. It’s better to find out now whether your creative shots are doable rather than come up with a lackluster, last minute replacement idea.

Treat It as a Dress Rehearsal or a Trial Run

Even the tiniest wardrobe malfunctions can ruin your special day. Don’t wait until the actual wedding to find out if your hair-do or makeup looks good on camera. Get the whole entourage together for a dress rehearsal and pre-wedding shoot. This way, you can make all the necessary adjustments to everyone’s getup. Plus, it will give you one more excuse to don that elegant bridal dress or stylish tailored suit more than once in your life.

A pre-wedding photoshoot can save you a lot of trouble when that big day comes. Be sure to work with trained professionals in Leesburg, VA, such as those from Robert Holley Productions, for best results.


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