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How would you describe your style of wedding photography?
Creative, non-traditional wedding photography with a beautiful and personal style. A blend of fine art photography and documentary wedding photojournalism. A very fresh approach with an artistic twist.

Where do you live, and how far will you travel?
I live in Northern Virginia, and I will drive about 1.5 hours without charging a travel fee. If you draw a circle on the map the outer parts would be Baltimore, MD, Annapolis, MD, Fredricksburg, VA, Charlottesville, VA, Winchester, VA, and Frederick MD. I certainly will discuss trading a resort destination vacation for photography services, depending on the location.

How much experience do you have?
I have been working for myself for over 25 years. I have shot hundreds of weddings through the years. I spent about 5 years working for Mattel Toys shooting kids and learned invaluable lessons from that time. I enjoy the art of creating a unique portrait.

Is photography how you make a living?
This is the only job that I have.

Do you have insurance?
I have $2 million in liability coverage.

Do you have backup equipment?
I have a backup camera body and a large assortment of lenses.

Do you use an assistant?
I have an assistant with me at every wedding. My assistant is not a 2nd shooter, but more like a golf caddy helping me with lighting, organization, and caring for my equipment.

How can I reserve you to shoot?
Everything is online these days. I will create a custom website with all of your information, including the contact list, billing, and contract. It is stored in one location which you can access anytime. I require a 50% deposit and your digital signature on the contract to book the date.

Should we add a second shooter to our package?
Is it a good idea? Yes! Is it mandatory? No. If your budget can handle a second shooter I highly recommend it. Having a second shooter will allow me to effectively be in two places at once. It’s always good to have a second angle to important moments such as the wedding ceremony.

How will you choose the second shooter?
I have many talented associate photographers who have been with me for years. To guarantee consistent quality work, I use a second photographer with a style that will seamlessly blend with mine.

How long will portraits take on our wedding day?
This is not set in stone and can vary greatly from wedding to wedding. Your input is required for proper planning. Variables include the size of the wedding party, the size and amount of posed family portraits you would like, and how much emphasis you want to put on the bride and groom portrait. As a general rule, I would recommend 45-60 minutes for all of your wedding day portraits, which would include the bride and groom alone, formal bridal party shots, and family shots. I have had 10 minutes and I have had 3 hours to get these images done. We will discuss what works best for you.

If there was an emergency where you can’t shoot my wedding, what happens?
In such a very unlikely scenario, I will do everything that I can to get a replacement. I can always call on one of my talented associate photographers to step in. Also, being in several local photography networking groups gives me quick access to many ready, willing, and talented photographers.

Will you shoot other events on my wedding day?
Your event will get my full attention as I never book two weddings in one day.

When can I expect my photos?
For engagement sessions and portraits, you’ll receive your photos in about two weeks. Wedding photos will be delivered in four weeks.

How will I receive my photos?
You will have a private password protected website. From the site, you can download all of your full-resolution images, share with guests, and order prints.

Can I print or post the photos online?
Yes, once I give you the photos, they are yours to do whatever you like.

Should we have an engagement session?
I would strongly suggest an engagement shoot. Having your portrait done can be a very unsettling experience. There can be a pressure to “perform” with all of the attention directed toward you. Your mind races with questions……am I doing this right?, do I look ok?, why do I feel so uncomfortable?, ect. Think of the engagement shoot as a dress rehearsal for your wedding. Your wedding photography will turn out better and will be much easier if we do an engagement session. You will have a chance to see how I work, you will see how you come out on film, and you will see how easy it is for me to take good pictures of you. I have found it to be an invaluable experience that no couple has ever regretted doing.

What makes a good location for an engagement session?
Your engagement session should reflect who you are and what you like to do as a couple. I have shot in the Library of Congress, during a round of golf, at a softball field, exploring downtown DC and Georgetown, at a ballgame, beach, winery, mountaintop museum, and a coffee shop. We are fortunate to live in an area that offers a modern downtown, classic historic locations, and incredible outdoor beauty. Together we will figure out what works for you.

Do you offer prints and albums?
I work with the best professional print shops and album manufacturers. You can purchase these items as part of your package or you can buy them at a later date. There is no rush. (I have created albums for couples ten years after their wedding day.)

May I send you examples of wedding or engagement photography that I love?
This is a great idea. Pinterest has made this option easy. Share a board with me. I would love to see your ideas.

Can I contact a few of your past clients?
The only way for me to grow my business is to make people happy. I can put you in touch with as many past clients as you wish….