Alexis and EJ are a special couple.  They are fun, funny, full of life, and have wonderful chemistry together.  We hit it off the instant we met.

I photographed their wedding last Fall at Woodlawn in Alexandria, Virginia.  I highly recommend Woodlawn as a wedding venue.  It showcases a classic historic Virginia home with a sprawling lawn, a wonderful garden/ cocktail area, and tent off to the side.  A first class facility.

The ceremony was held on the lawn in front of the home which makes for a spectacular setting.  I am a huge fan of outdoor weddings for many reasons.  It reminds me of my time in Los Angeles (10 years ago), where 90% of the weddings are outside.  Having an open-air ceremony allows myself and my team to capture more interesting angles and become more creative.

Getting back to Alexis and EJ, it was no surprise that their friends are as much fun as they are.  The bridal party, in particular, had the joint jumping all night.  There were a lot of laughs and a few tears, but it sure was a fun event.