A Wedding Photographer Gives Tips on Capturing Brilliant Photos During Summer Nuptials

Wedding Photographer: 4 Tips for Couples Getting Married This Summer

Many couples consider summer as the idyllic time for a nuptials, especially one that would take place at some of the best outdoor venues in Virginia. The clear blue skies, gorgeous weather, longer days and abundance of natural lighting all help set a good backdrop for brilliant shots of the loving pair, the wedding entourage, and their guests. While the warm season does present one great photo opportunity after another, there are some things you should keep in mind to help your wedding photographer better capture the key moments of the event.

Time It Just Rightrob-pic-2

While having access to plenty of natural light can be a great thing, the season usually brings harsher and hotter sun rays. So, unless you want your photos to come out whitewashed or with all the guests seemingly squinting at the camera, time your event just right. Beautiful photos may be captured in our area just before sunset. The light is usually gentler around these times and makes your photos look simply divine.

Put Some Shade Up

Virginia is infamous for its summertime humidity and high temperatures. Guests aren’t the only people who will appreciate some shade during the reception; your photographer will also find an easier time softening the strong light outdoors, too. This will also help reduce sweating that can ruin your flawless makeup, wardrobe and hairdos. If you plan on taking portraits in an open, sunny area outside, get under the shade of some trees. Alternatively, find an indoor spot where light can still shine through.

Stay Out a Bit Later

Summer weddings don’t always have to be all about the day. You can get some great shots even after the sun goes down. If your venue is somewhere high up, use the panoramic view of the rosy, dusky sky as a backdrop. If the party’s still going on later than that, don’t miss the chance to take some photos of you two under the beautiful light of the moon and stars. Set the mood with some twinkling lights overhead and some candles.

A little planning goes a long way in making sure you get all the essential shots of your summer nuptials. Book early and discuss all the details with your professional photographer of choice. View Robert Holley Productions portfolio to see some terrific photos of outdoor wedding ceremonies taken during the summer (and other seasons, too!).


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