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Poolesville Maryland Wedding Photography – Shapiro Wedding

I shot the wedding of Tracy and Max at Rocklands Farm in Poolesville, MD.    This turned out to be one of the best weddings of the year, but it did not start out that way.  I rarely photograph a wedding where I have not done an engagement session with the couple and never met […]

Three Fabulous Fall Wedding Photography Ideas for a Truly Memorable Shoot

Although autumn is still many months away, it’s never too early to start planning for your dream fall wedding. After all, plenty of couples will want to take advantage of the beautiful weather and vibrant colors the autumnal period will bring. Coming up with a well thought out scheme for everything down to the smallest details now will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

Take Advantage of Autumn Season’s Beauty on Your Wedding Photoshoot

One particularly important aspect you should consider around this time is hiring a company that offers photography services in Sterling or elsewhere. A professional photographer can help you make the most of the upcoming fall season by suggesting themes that could work well on the camera such as the following.

Go with a Floral Motif

Floral motifs are going to be big this year,pic1 according to wedding designers, and not just when it comes to flower arrangements and the bridal bouquet. Decorative and wearable florals will definitely be in style even for guests who are not in the bridal party. Corsages, boutonnieres, hair wreaths and leis with beautiful fall colors will bring a certain brilliance to photos taken on your big day. Just make sure that all the hues complement each other so they don’t turn into an eyesore.

Use Nature as a Backdrop

Why travel to some out-of-way location when you already have the best backdrop for your photoshoot right outside your doorstep? Autumn is characterized by rich oranges and soft reds that will blend well with a traditional white wedding dress or a formal black suit. Simple shots underneath a canopy of trees and a field of fallen leaves will look effortlessly breathtaking. Scout potential locations ahead of time and remember not to wait too long before the shoot. Trees change colors and shed leaves rather fast.

Don’t Waste the Daylight

The sun doesn’t stay out as long during fall, so if you want to use daylight for natural illumination, you have to stay on schedule. The first thing you should do is know when the sun will rise and set on the day of your photoshoot. A simple search on the web will easily accomplish this. Then, make pic2sure that you and other members of your wedding party show up on time. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to take photos during the golden after the sunrise or before the sunset.

With all its visually stunning attributes, the fall season makes for a perfect time to tie the knot. Capture those precious moments with the help of professional photographers from companies like Robert Holley Productions.




8 Tips For Better Fall Portrait Photos,

Chantilly Virginia Wedding Photography – Forster Wedding

I shot the wedding of Lara and Derek at the Vienna Presbyterian Church in Vienna, VA.  It was a gorgeous blue sky day after a few weeks of rain, and Lara was just as beautiful.   The couple had a wonderful pre-ceremony moment together, without seeing each other, which my 2nd shooter Jessica captured artistically.  There was another wonderful moment at the start of the ceremony as the ring bearer changed his mind about walking down the aisle. Everything worked out for the best and we were able to capture some unusual ceremony shots from the balcony above.  The reception was held at the 1757 Golf Club which is a very nice facility.  The highlight of the evening was a visit from the Scoops2u truck.  Who doesn’t like unlimited ice cream cones at a wedding?!

Photographers Chantilly VA Wedding

Wedding Chantilly Virginia

Photographer chantilly VA Wedding

Photographers Chantilly Virginia Wedding

Purcellville Virginia Wedding Photographer – Neiman Wedding

I shot the wedding of Trish and Tom this past Spring.  The ceremony was held at Our Lady of Hope, which I am very familiar with as it is in my hometown of Sterling, VA.  The church is less than 10 years old and I would describe it as beautiful-modern church design.  The reception was held at Shadow Creek in Purcellville.  I have shot at Shadow Creek a few times now, and I like it more every time I visit.  Shadow Creek provides many props to help decorate the space and give it the feel of a hip barn wedding.  (Without being too hot or too cold, which happens in a real barn)  We were allowed to travel next door to the owners’ farm and shoot on the property as a baby calf tried to made friends.  The band played into the night as everyone had a fantastic time.

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Alexandria Virginia Wedding Photographer – Lowrey Wedding

I shot the wedding of Erin and John at the George Washington Masonic Temple in Alexandria, VA.  I had never visited the temple and was surprised to find such an interesting and unique spot for a wedding.  It was also a first for me to photograph a wedding in an amphitheater setting, but the results were fantastic.  Erin and John were great to work with and they immersed themselves in the fun of the day.  George would have been proud.

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